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Hey there! I'm Scarlett, and 
welcome to my world of
funky alt-harp bops.

"INCREDIBLE!! Booking Scarlett to play at our wedding ceremony and drinks reception completely made our big day!" - Katie & James, May 2023

"We just wish we had booked her for longer!" - Laura & George, April 2023

About Me

If you've found yourself on my website, you likely already have some idea of what a harpist is. Spoiler - I'm probably not that. Which could mean I'm not the right fit for you, or it could mean I'm everything you didn't know you needed. 

Despite my classical instrument, my repertoire is 90% covers of modern music. From Pop to Disney to Film Scores to Video Games. Songs your guests will recognise and go 'Wait I know this song!'

My harp is also electro-acoustic, and a lot of my covers involve me combining the harp with beats, fx pedals or my loop station to create the funky upbeat vibes to put everyone in a good mood. 

I have 10+ years professional experience and hundreds of happy clients under my belt, having performed everywhere from weddings, to corporate events, to theatre shows and even the top of a flying trapeze rig at Glastonbury Festival. I even organised a community tour of over 100 streets in Bristol to bring socially distanced live music to people during the covid-19 lockdown. 

I'm based in Bristol but love an adventure. Even if your event is in the deep depths of the wilderness or a plane ride away I have a smaller electric harp and battery operated amp that are very portable.

So, have a good nosy around my website and if you like what you see / hear then fill out my enquiry form and I'll be psyched to hear from ya!

Much love, Scarlett (she/her)


Non musical Things I Love 

Because we are all multi-faceted people eh?

  • Board Games

  • Houseplants

  • Cosy nights in

  • Adventures, long distance hikes and exploring new places

  • Comedy & Stand Up

  • Taskmaster (this would likely be my specialist subject on mastermind), Scott Pilgrim & Dirk Gently 

  • Roller Derby (got to balance out those angel stereotypes)

  • Anything peach, watermelon or lychee flavoured

  • Anything quirky and colourful

  • A damn good cry. But I'll try not to sob too loudly during your vows. No promises.

  • Anyone prioritising fun, silliness, kindness and empathy

Hard pass on...

  • Non-inclusive language

  • Ballgowns that are annoying to move the harp or do a cartwheel in

  • The Tories

  • Being cold

  • Succulents (specifically the ones that are determined to die on me) 

  • Meat (Grew up veggie, ignorance is bliss)

  • Surprises I have to wait for, I am too excitable to also possess patience

  • Diet culture & any form of shaming people's naturally beautiful bodies

  • 'Good Exposure'. 

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Where next?

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