How very lovely of you to stumble (or very intentionally step perhaps) upon my website. My name is Scarlett, and I'm a Bristol based weddings harpist.


I've been playing the harp since the age of seven, and performing professionally at weddings, corporate events, art gallery openings, care homes, theatres, busking and much more since the age of fourteen. I love the range of musical opportunities the harp gives me, from classical to folk to covers of modern pop songs!

I like to keep myself busy doing lots of different things, not only harp, as I've found this allows me to stay the most passionate and motivated about doing all the things I love. So if I'm not at a wedding, I'll probably be performing in a theatre or at a festival or child's birthday party! So, whatever event you're planning that you think I may be of service for, do get in touch with your beautifully simple or off the wall crazy ideas, and I'm sure we can figure something out between us.

Scarlett x