Hello! I'm Scarlett, a Bristol based harpist. 


I've been playing the harp since the age of 7, and performing professionally at weddings and events since the age of 14. I bloody love music. I love how it can spark such joy in people and stir up feelings you didn't even know were hibernating in your chest. It's like the icing on the cake for an event in my eyes (although I do have a soft spot for a wedding with a magician!).


Playing for weddings is genuinely one of my favourite things to do. I love chatting to my couples beforehand, hearing about their unique and quirky music requests and then figuring out how to translate them onto the harp. You might be surprised at how much range the harp is capable of :D I love the look on guests faces when they recognise a melody they never expected to hear on the harp!


Harpists are often stereotyped as being very posh and unapproachable. I aim to break that stereotype. I'm very friendly, down to earth and am very much able to laugh at myself. I want to feel accessible to my clients. I want them to feel like they can drop me an email or a call whenever. Planning a wedding is crazy stressful, and I really want my role within your day to be as stress free as possible. 


I have nearly 10 years of happy clients behind me. I've played for weddings, corporate events, art galleries, care homes, on ships, for interactive theatre shows, circus shows, spooky halloween events, birthday parties, anniversaries, on top of the flying trapeze rig at Glastonbury festival, I even organised a community tour of over 100 streets in Bristol during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

I am flexible and adaptable and I work hard because I genuinely care. No matter what event your organising, I would to hear from you and discuss how my music could be involved.