I’m Scarlett, a Bristol based harpist. However I’m far from your conventional classical musician. 


I play a one of a kind hand painted electroacoustic harp, and specialise in adapting modern Pop music, Disney and Film Scores for weddings and events. 


I aspire to make music that’s not only beautiful and calming, but can also be fun, upbeat and punchy. I don’t remember the last wedding I played where guests weren’t playing ‘guess that song’ and remarking ‘I can’t believe she’s playing that on the HARP!’ throughout the day.


As well as being able to play acoustically or with light amplification, for more of a party atmosphere (think wedding drinks reception or evening do) I’ll mix the harp with beats, fx pedals or my loop pedal to add more musical layers. Take a look at my videos page to see! 


Having performed professionally since the age of 14, I now have over 10 years of happy clients and hundreds of weddings under my belt. Although generally speaking weddings are my main focus, I’ve also had the pleasure of performing at numerous corporate events, private parties, art galleries, care homes, ships, interactive theatre shows, circus shows, spooky halloween events, anniversaries, on top of the flying trapeze rig at Glastonbury festival, and I even organised a community tour of over 100 streets in Bristol during the Covid-19 lockdown. 


I am flexible and adaptable and I work hard because I genuinely care. No matter what event your organising, I would to hear from you and discuss how my music could be involved. 


Much love,




Less music, more life:


So as you may have guessed from the above, I did not attend a classical conservatoire. Although I’ve had various fabulous classical tutors over the years, ultimately I always new I’d be driven by creativity rather than perfectionism, and so a career as an orchestral musician was not for me. 


So instead I upped and moved to Bristol to study a degree in contemporary circus and physical theatre. And yes I promise that is a real degree. I continued working at weddings/events alongside this, and eventually post graduating realised how much more I enjoy these events than hula hooping or chasing funding applications. 


Coming back to the present, I now spend my non-harp time roller skating (shout out to Bristol Roller Derby and CIB Bristol!), going for long hikes, playing board games, cooking lots of plant based concoctions and trying to stop my house plants dying on me.