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On May 25th 2020, I posted in my local BS6 covid-19 community support facebook group. With all my weddings postponed and events cancelled, I really missed playing my harp outside for real people. So I started planning a little BS6 harp tour! 


I asked people to request locations, streets, little parks, driveways, anywhere they thought would work well as a little performance spot. Where people could listen from the front lawns, windows and balconies or spread out in the street. The response to my original post was so much more than I expected, with over 70 comments of encouragement, gratitude and location ideas. I was blown away. I started off with a schedule of 8 places, then added 6 more, and have since branched out to other postcodes and visited over 100 different locations! I honestly could not be more grateful for how positively people have been responding!


If you want to stay up to date with where I'll be and when, there is my calendar below with rough plans, then a day or two before I'll post to my social media (along with any updates!) As a little reminder of gigs coming up. 

If you've attended a gig and would like to leave a donation my virtual tip jar is:

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