Can You Play Outdoors?

Generally yes! I try and avoid it during winter, but I love an outdoor wedding when it’s nice and sunny! My amp is battery operated so I can set up in most places, provided the ground is flat/solid (no squishy mud please!). It’s good to discuss with the venue in advance potential options of shade/shelter, as on really hot days or if there's any chance of rain I need to make sure the harp is protected.

What do you need provided?

I am mostly self sufficient, however I’ll need somewhere to park my car as close to where you’d like me to play as possible.

Secondly performing can be tiring work, so in order to make sure I’m playing as beautifully as possible please ensure the venue is able to provide soft drink(s)/water for the duration of the performance. If I am joining you for multiple parts of the day, then I’ll also need a light vegan or vegetarian meal provided either after I’ve finished or during my break between the ceremony and wedding breakfast.

How does payment work?

I take a £100 deposit to secure the booking with the final sum due two weeks before your wedding date.

Can we confirm times later?

Absolutely, once you’ve paid your deposit you’re officially booked in. I like to have a rough idea if possible, but if you’re not certain right now or think you might want to add additional reception time later I’ll make a note and then just let you know if I get any other enquiries for later in the same day.

How do we book you?

Drop me an email at: with your date, venue, package preferences and rough timings. Then I'll get back to you asap to confirm my availability, quote, answer any other questions you have and organise the deposit/booking contract :-)