I. Love. Weddings.

Genuinely, there's something so special and magical about a wedding that makes them quite additive to work at... and it's always such an honour to be chosen to help someone celebrate their special day!

I may be biased, but I think the harp is the perfect wedding instrument. It not only sounds like it's been pulled out of a fairytale, but it also looks stunning, being the perfect visual addition to any space! My harp is also electro-acoustic, so along with my battery operated amp I can make sure the music isn't drowned out by everyone excitedly catching up!

One of my favourite things about the harp is it's versatility. It's often stereotyped as a purely classical instrument, but you'll rarely find me playing obscure classical music you've never heard of! I like to say I mix elegance and fun, filling a room with Pop covers, Disney, Film Scores (and so on) so your guests will be playing 'Guess the song!" all afternoon. But of course I can also whip out a gorgeous rendition of Canon in D  while you walk down the aisle if that's your dream!

Below I've attached a document explaining a bit more about the different wedding packages I offer and rough pricing. However this is just a general guide for what I’ve found to be most popular. If non of these are quite right for you, I’d love to hear about any other ideas you may have!

For example, I recently made a Bespoke drinks reception set consisting of ambient live looping pieces for a couple who wanted a Balaeric Chill Theme! You can find a few videos on my instagram @BristolHarpist if you're curious ;-)