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Recommended Supplier Baby!

Having played at weddings for 10 years now, I spent a shockingly long time not understanding (or more - being too scared to ask) how recommended supplier lists work at venues. We all get imposter syndrome right? But despite wracking up more and more glowing reviews, I was still quite terrified to be essentially running my own business as a wedding supplier at 14!!! Most of my clients at the time found me by accidentally stumbling upon me busking in Bournemouth town centre, and for many years I was very happy just doing 10-20 weddings a year part time. I didn't actively look into how to 'generate more leads' (oh my what is this business jargon) until maybe 5 years later. Recommended suppliers lists continued to mystify me (which looking back is actually quite hilarious now - growth eh?) until finally in 2021 when, after a year of very little, the wedding industry was finally allowed to resurrect itself and 18 months worth of weddings got squished into one summer.

There were various venues that I was going to fairly regularly, I was getting to know the staff and recognise faces, and after asking some other suppliers (what's this - we can ask each other for help? Errr hell yes!) I finally realised I should just reach out to the venues and ask. Shock horror - I got loads of lovely responses! From various coordinators who expressed how much they enjoyed having me and the harp at their wedding venue, and that they'd love to add me to their recommended wedding suppliers list!

So here I am. With the knowledge that surely I knew the whole time - If you are kind and friendly, work hard at your craft, and actually ASK people for either A. what you want, or B. help, yes sometimes they'll ignore you, but often you will be met with warmth and kindness right back!

Given this is all still new and exciting for me, I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce some of these lush venues where I am now an recommended supplier and talk a bit about why I loooovvvvee to play there! Hopefully I'll slowly add to this list over the next few years as well!

Bristol Wedding Venues:

The Square Club

The Square Club is perfect for slightly smaller more intimate weddings in Bristol, it has such a fun quirky vibe too! It feels so stylish from the moment you walk through the door, in a unique and playful way this isn't anything like any of the other venues I've been too! Also shout out to the amazing staff who are always so kind and welcoming, I love taking my harp here!

Somerset Wedding Venues:

Priston Mill - Bath

The Tythe Barn at Priston Mill near Bath is undeniably gorgeous for weddings, but aside from that, one of the things I love is that it's right next to a beautiful babbling brook! I find there's something undeniably calming about the sound of flowing water, that really brings you back to nature. And that's coming from a harpist! Aka player of the most (traditionally) relaxing instrument to listen too. I also loooove the food here, they have some top notch chefs on board! The lovely staff always seem so on it as well, I know everything will be well organised at a Priston Mill Wedding!

Gloucestershire Wedding Venues:

Pauntley Court - Gloucester

Oh Pauntley you beautiful gem. There's so much I love about you. There's something about your terracotta walls and rolling hills that make me feel like I'm in at a wedding in southern Europe! When in actually you're nestled perfectly between Gloucester and the Malverns. I also could not talk about Pauntley without talking about Mellissa, co-owner and one of the most genuine, kind and heartwarming venue owners I've ever met. You can really feel how much she cares about giving her wedding couples the perfect day, and making sure every supplier is well looked after. I'm always one happy wedding harpist when I'm here!

Cotswolds Wedding Venues:

Kingscote Barn - Tetbury

Kingscote Barn - home to fairy lights, rolling hills, and lovely people. Indoors or outdoors, if you have your wedding here, you know it will be beautiful! I've played my harp at so many weddings here, each one feeling so unique and different to the last! Also - not that I ever get to appreciate it - but they have an AMAZING Treehouse hideaway honeymoon suit! As well as the most lovely wedding coordinators, I always look forward to weddings here!

Wiltshire Wedding Venues:

The Manor House - Castle Coombe

If you're looking for a wedding venue in Wiltshire that's truly luxurious, look no further than The Manor House near Chippenham! With so many different spaces on offer, each one more fairytale than the last, the harp could not fit in more perfectly with this picturesque wedding spot! Again, shoutout to the lovely coordinator Cassie, thanks to whom your wedding will be smooth sailing from the get go.


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