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Wedding Music - Entrance Songs

When booking a wedding harpist, your processional song is often the piece you'll be most excited about, and for good reason! The harp is the PERFECT accompaniment to carry you down the aisle to meet your beloved at the front. It's also the moment when the harp will be most heard (as everyone stands quietly and appreciates how Fabulous you look ;-)) so picking the perfect song is a must.

If you want to stick with something traditional, you can't beat the beautiful flowing cascades of Canon in D. This piece translates so well onto the harp and is the perfect tempo to glide you down the aisle! There's also the traditional option of 'Here Comes The Bride', which although in its original form can sound quite strong and measured, on the harp sounds much more flowing and gentle.

Buuuut if you've booked me as your wedding harpist, chances are you're thinking about stepping away from tradition. There's nothing more special than having a piece of music that feels really personal to you and your partner. No matter how unconventional, I am here for it! I've received so many fun and unusual requests over the years, and they are often my favourites to arrange!

But, if nothing immediately comes to mind and you're looking for some inspiration, here are some of my most popular processional requests:

Nevertheless, I've played the Jurassic Park Theme for not only a mill wedding in the cotswolds, but also a wedding in Somerset next to a stone circle, and an incredible open air wedding in Wiltshire (Stourhead Gardens). Thanks to my electroacoustic harp and amplifier, it's easy to fill any space with beautiful music!

Ultimately, the harp can make almost any piece sound beautiful. Even songs you might not have thought would work as a processional, when translated onto the harp somehow they now have that perfect intimate etherial vibe. The most important thing is you pick a song that you both love, no matter what anyone else thinks or if they've heard it before.

I'll always tailor the song to be the perfect length for your entrance. Shortening an intro, cutting out a verse to get to the chorus or lengthening the end to make sure it comes to a natural conclusion as you reach the front, this is all second nature to me after my hundreds of weddings over the years! No need to awkwardly fade out an mp3 when this gal is around ;-)


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